Welcome to the webshop for wireless pumps! All pumps from our assortment work on batteries which make them extremely suitable to scoop water out of your boat or to empty your boat with a pump, whatever you need. Scooping out the water of your boat is a necessary evil for many boat owners. To make it a little more pleasant you can buy a wireless pump which works best for you. Whether that’s a submersible pump that works on batteries (Portable Power Pump), a pump which works on a rechargeable battery (Portable Blue pump or the Aqua Charge) or a pump which works on the wind and the waves of the water (The Drainman), we sell them all! Of course these wireless submersible pumps also can be used to pump an aquarium or a pond dry. If you purchase a wireless pump you will never have to hose down your boat by hand! 

Your boat is full of water, you don’t have any power and you don’t feel like scooping out the water in your boat by hand? Find the solution here! All our water pumps work on batteries, rechargeable batteries or on the waves of the water. Examples of the brands which make it possible to quickly scoop out your boat are the Portable Power Pump, Portable Blue Pump, Aquacharge and the Drainman.  

It happens to every boat owner. You haven’t been on your boat for a few weeks and then it’s full of water, or worse, your boat has partially sank… You search for your scooping can and start scooping it out. After 10 minutes of scooping you’re already sweating, you have wet feet from the sloshing water and you don’t feel like continuing to scoop out your boat.                       

At that moment you think “I never want to scoop again”! And that’s why you’re here! We wish you good luck with making your choice and a lot of boating fun. Click on the catagory above to buy a Portable Power Pump, Portable Blue Pump, Aquacharge or a Drainman. 

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